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On May 18 at the Satellite Meeting for All Members via ZOOM, Adrian Roach joined us from Australia to discuss the Paul Tunn Memorial Dental Project in Papua, New Guinea. Papua was formerly a territory of Australia that achieved full independence  in 2001.  It is a very poor area with high unemployment and a lot of health issues.  
Many of the residents there have very poor dental hygiene and chew sugar cane which results in a lot of tooth decay.  The Rotary Clubs in District 8, Australia have worked together to set up a dental clinic in Papua.  Adrian gave a very impressive talk about the project which included construction of a clinic building.  It was an inspiring illustration of how Rotary Clubs can work together to do serious and large service projects.
Adrian said that doing a large project like the Dental Clinic has helped recruit younger members into Rotary Clubs in District 8.  In a lighter moment one of the Del Sol Rotarians asked Adrian if Australians still like to  drink beer. Adrian assured us that Fosters Lager is still popular.
The Rotary Del Sol Healthcare Heros service project is still ongoing.  Here are two members doing a delivery.  Since they are masked who can guess who they are?
On May 14 at the Morning Meeting for all Del Sol Rotarians via ZOOM,  Candace Beeke of Albuquerque Business First was the speaker.  She spoke on the topic, "Navigating the Covid-19 Crisis".  She discussed steps business must take in the "New Normal" that we are seeing these days.  Candace emphasized that business must Innovate in this Crisis.  Business needs to ask "Is our Mission Still Viable" Business needs to think fresh and not eliminate marketing.  Candace, who is a career business journalist congratulated Del Sol for continuing online meetings during this time.  She opined that this crisis will continue into next year and will be difficult personally and professionally.  
Candace Beke from Albuquerque Business First speaking at May 14 Rotary Del Sol Morning Meeting.
On May 19, 2020, the RDS Board held its May Board Meeting via ZOOM with President Dave Simon presiding.  Past District Governor and Past President Doreen Kelsey attended the Board Meeting from her new home in British Colombia. Members congratulated her on her move and wished her and Tony  well in BC.  
This Wednesday, May 27, at 5:30PM  President-Elect Ed Robertson will host a planning meeting for next years Board via ZOOM.  
This Thursday May 28, at 7:00AM there will be a Morning Meeting via ZOOM for all De Sol Rotarians and guests.  Details on the program will follow.
Lets all have a Great week in Rotary putting Service above Self.
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