Posted by James Morrison on Apr 17, 2018
Zia Freewheelers Adaptive Cycling program for disabled children.
We have service opportunity on the next upcoming Sundays to assist Zia Freewheelers ( on several upcoming Sundays, Alameda Trail parking lot 12:30-4:00.  Zia Freewheelers is a program for adaptive cycling program for disabled children (Amputee/Limb Deficiency, Cerebral Palsy/Brain Injury, (Hypertonia, Ataxia, Athetosis, RoM), Short Stature (Growth Dysfunction), Spinal Cord Injury/Spina Bifida (Impaired Muscle Power)
This is a great program sponsored by Carrie Tingley Foundation.
If you would like to spend a few hours out in the fresh air with your bicycle helping disabled children, please select a date that works for you, here:
For more information, please contact me or 
Scott Hubbard,, 505 362-4900