Posted by James Morrison on Oct 04, 2018
It's NOT the Ride to End pollo...that would be chicken! It's polio! My actual riding experience regarding the Ride to End poLLo, instead of polio would be more humorous if did not illustrate the problem we have keeping it on the world radar screen.  
First, thank you for all you do for Del Sol and Rotary! We have an extraordinarily generous club.
Only 17 polio cases this year.  Seems easy enough.  But it is not! One fall back and we have an epidemic.
So, 5-6 years ago, during Rotary's immunization program, we somehow missed these young guys (maybe your child or grand child's  age). Who knows why.  Perhaps funding, didn't reach their village or some group banned us from access. They have nice Rotary hats & shirts but terrible braces, forever.
Help us this year when we ride in Rotary's  or better yet, join 100+ Rotarians from USA and around the world on Nov 17 in Tucson, AZ

Here's the deal:

I will match your gift to unspecified amount, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will match our combined gifts, 2 for 1! 

So a $30 gift immunizes 10 children.  Now with both matches, it stretches to 60 children!  
Here's the link to donate:  It goes directly to Rotary, is tax deductible and counts as Rotary Foundation contribution.
Maybe next year, we won't miss anymore kids.

Thanks for your consideration.

James Morrison
Paul Harris Society Chair D5520